Do You Need Supplemental Insurance?

There are many reason why supplemental dental insurance is used by many people. Supplemental dental insurance is used  to help cut the cost of out of  pocket expenses. Many people find that dental insurance only covers the basics when it come to having  dental work done, and some dental  insurance plans only help to lower dental cost with participation in various plans. Another good reason that that people have supplement dental insurance is they find out that  just  because they have health insurance with a notable HMO does not mean that they have dental insurance that will cover all their dental needs .

Another reason that people have supplemental dental insurance is because most dental insurance companies drop children from the policy when they become 18 years of age. So rather then going without dental insurance, and cutting out dental care, students can join dental discount groups to help with the cost of general dental care. Such discount plans cover cleanings, x-rays, fluoride treatments, routine fillings and emergency dental treatment for pain relief. Some supplemental dental insurance policies may cover the entire cost of the dental work and may  involve a small co-pay. The typical cost for a student to obtain supplemental dental insurance is any where between %125-$175 per student.

The most popular type of dental insurance is the Preferred Provider Network. If you chose this type of dental insurance you can pick any dentist who is a member of you dental network, with this insurance you can also change dentist at any time you would like.This type of dental  insurance plan pays a flat fee for any type service that you may obtain and the rest of the cost  is left for you to pay out of your pocket, however  if you have a supplental dental insurance it may pick up the rest of the cost . This type of  insurance generally cost any where betwenn $15-$20 per month.